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“I was desperate” Rose cries as she begins to reminisce. She had a tough life overseas and then at 81 years old she found herself alone again, in a new home without any family nearby. She had just left a 38-year marriage and was recovering from major surgery. She felt weak, could barely see, and still had pain from her arthritis.

Rose was taking taxis to and from her medical appointments but was becoming quite frustrated. “I didn’t want to bother my friends for a ride and I knew there had to be a better way”. A nurse at her facility referred Rose to Shepherd’s Care at Home and soon enough she was feeling better than ever before.

After two years as a client of Shepherd’s Care, she still enjoys talking with her drivers and appreciates when they help bring in her groceries and take her right into appointments.

“The Lord knows what we need and he can provide. I am so thankful.”


-Rose*, Edmonton

*name has been changed for confidentiality